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Even Though You are Eloping Doesn't Mean You can't Integrate your Family

1. Hire a Videographer

This one is close to my heart and had to be number one! Hiring a videographer will cost you a few more thousand dollars but sharing your love story and experience with loved ones who weren't there is priceless. Photos are a wonderful keepsake but they will never hold up to hearing your partner choke up during their vows, watching the tear roll down your cheeks, or seeing your partner's authentically huge smile after seeing you for the first time. There is no better way to capture your day than having an elopement videographer there to capture the sounds, views and feels of your day. To top it all off, you can host a gathering a few months or even a year after your elopement day to premier your film!

2. Celebrate on Another Day

Having a reception or celebration on a separate day will allow you two to hike, kayak, snowboard, and adventure as much as you want without having to worry about grandma being able to handle the rigorous activity. You can also make it a less expensive event hosting it in a backyard or local park. Print off pictures and set up a screen to show your elopement film! You can even still have loved ones give toasts and share about your love story without sharing the specific day with them.

3. Letters, Videos, or Voice Messages

Ask your loved ones to write you letters, record videos, or voice messages of their well wishes. Collect them before you head on your elopement adventure then find a time to sit down and listen/read these messages. You can have a moment to really step back and take in all of the love and care of your family and friends. This is a special touch to your 2 person elopement.

4. Have an Intimate Wedding

Instead of completely ditching the traditional wedding, you can modify it to fit what you are looking for. Instead, adventure for part of your day then come back to celebrate over a nice dinner and dessert with a few close loved ones. You can always share private vows on the top of the mountain before coming back to have a more "formal" ceremony with the few loved ones you did invite.

Host an engagement party, invite them wedding clothes shopping, ask for special details and memorabilia to include in your day. Just because they won't be there on the day of your wedding doesn't mean they can't help you get ready. Ask for their opinion on your ideas and include them in the planning process. They will feel special to be apart of it and love being there as you share your excitement for your adventure!

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