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Quick Elopement

Half Day Elopement

Full Day Elopement

Ideal For: Couples looking to adventure or explore multiple locations. Let hike up to an alpine lake at sunset or picnic under Sequioa trees. *Most Popular*

Ideal For: A quick drive up viewpoint or one location elopement. Couples looking to capture their vows and a short adventure session.

Ideal For: Full day adventures with multiple activities. Tempted by an overnight backpacking trip? Or maybe a sunrise AND sunset adventure? Let's make it happen!!










• 2-3 Minute Highlight Film

• Up to 4 Hours of Video Coverage
• Travel within the US

• 4-7 Minute Highlight Film

• Up to 12 Hours of Video Coverage (can be split between sunrise/sunset)
• Travel within the US

• 3-5 Minute Highlight Film

• Up to 8 Hours of Video Coverage

• Travel within the US

These packages are starting points, we can always customize them if you don't see a package that fits.

*All travel within the US is included, international elopements will have additional travel fees*

Let's DO this!!

Add On Films


Story Session

Think date day or engagement session. A separate day before your wedding day to just love life together with me there to capture it. I will come along to film you two reliving your first date, spending the day at home with your pets, going for an adventure, practicing your first dance, or really anything that feels like YOU. This should truly encompass you as a couple and doesn't have to be anything crazy.


Trailer Film

Can't wait 3 months for your full film? This will be a 30-60 second trailer from your day delivered within 2 weeks of your wedding day.


Social Media Edits

Multiple edits created special to share on social media. You will receive 5 different 7-15 second videos from different parts of your day. Perfect for anyone who loves sharing their love story on social media.


Ceremony Edit

Your full ceremony with audio and video from start to finish. Please note these are more home video style and will include some shaky footage, photographer/videographer walking in front of the camera, etc. I always have at least one camera running your entire ceremony but often move around so you might see these moments in the final film.

Book Your Films


Do you have to hike to elope?

Are travel fees included?

Absolutely not!! While I love hiking elopements there are SO MANY ways to adventure on your day. You can multi-pitch climb a route to your ceremony spot, have a picnic in the park, drive jeeps into the mountains, ride a hot air balloon, take snowmobiles out, snorkel, take a helicopter ride to a remote place in Alaska...your options are endless!

All of my packages include travel within the United States but any international elopements will have an additional travel fee specific to the location.

Do you work well with photographers?

Collaboration is number one when it comes to working with your photographer and other vendors. I LOVE meeting new photographers and will always reach out ahead of time. I want to ensure you have the absolute best day and having a rock star photo/video team is vital to this. I might step in the slow things down but will never take over or step on anyones toes. My goal is giving you the best experience and that starts with working well alongside your photographer and other vendor team.

How do I know I am safe adventuring with you?

I have 15+ years of experience rock climbing, hiking, backpacking and exploring in the remote wilderness. I am also a Wilderness First Responder and partner with local experts and guides when the terrain is beyond my abilities. Safety is one of my top priorities as we adventure into the wilderness.

Can we add additional films after booking or even after the wedding?

Can we integrate personal footage into our final film?

Of course! You are always welcome to add a ceremony film, social media edits or other films after you have booked or even had your wedding!

YES!! I love integrating your own footage of you growing up, living life together, or your adventure pre/post wedding. This is a really fun way to bring in even more memories into your final film. I also LOVE integrating story sessions into your film to help enhance even more about your love story.